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Regime Tries to Buy FSA to Save Qardaha

Assad family reportedly offered $1 million to FSA to stop battles in Qardaha
Regime Tries to Buy FSA to Save Qardaha

A reliable source in Paris in contact with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has claimed the regime tried to mediate with the FSA to try to end the battle in coastal stronghold.


The source said FSA leaders received a call from a Syrian businessman living in France explaining that he was charged by the family of Bashar Assad to mediate in the case of the battle of the coast, in order to stop the bombing of the city of Qardaha and its surrounds, and save Assad’s family if any have been taken prisoner by the FSA.


The Syrian businessman offered $1 million dollars as a price for protection, adding that the amount will not be given in total, but delivered by Assad's family on weekly basis in the European country of their choice. The only condition is that both parties should be committed permanently to the agreement.


The source confirmed the offer was rejected but said there were some who didn’t deny the possibility of accepting the amount to fund the FSA.


The claim, however, has raised questions about where Assad gets the money allocated for the protection of his family.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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