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Regime Cell in Liberated Aleppo Conducts Kidnappings and Bombings

Interrogations revealed four agents managed to infiltrate the liberated areas
Regime Cell in Liberated Aleppo Conducts Kidnappings and Bombings

The Jihadists Army in Aleppo has arrested what they say is a cell loyal to the regime, responsible for a bomb attack which targeted some Free Army fighters and the kidnap of others.


Security officials in the Jihadists Army said that a car bomb was detonated in the neighborhood of as-Sukkari in Aleppo 10 days ago. The Army began to investigate the accident, and the investigation led to three suspects who were arrested later.


Interrogations revealed that one of them, named Bilal, was working as an agent working for the regime forces and cooperating with three other agents who managed to infiltrate the liberated areas.


The three men confessed that they provided the regime with coordinates for dropping the explosive barrels, reporting where the barrels fell and whether they killed FSA fighters or civilians. They also gave the regime forces the coordinates of the FSA locations and movements.


Bilal, who works as a taxi driver in the liberated areas, confessed that someone named 'Mustafa Hammami' from the Sukkari neighborhood contacted him and told him to go to Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood to check where a barrel fell. Bilal said he went and reported where it fell and that some civilians were killed. Hammami replied that this is the "penalty of staying with the terrorists". Bilal confirmed he carried out similar missions several times.


Bilal also admitted that he was commissioned to deliver some people to specific areas, including Farid Ajam, where he was sent with a microbus driver to drop Ajam in a specified location. The driver, named 'Mustafa Tajjo', was a member in the FSA cooperating with the regime. Bilal said that there are about eight people cooperating with the regime, and that some of them are members in the FSA while others are civilians.


Bilal explained that he had identified the locations of FSA headquarters in the liberated districts of Aleppo, and that he also provided Mustafa Hammami with the names of FSA fighters.


Bilal's last mission, he said, was to plant an explosive device in the car of someone called Abu Abdo Hirkel. Bilal said he refused the mission at first, but then when Hammami promised him to give him a house, he planted the device in the specified location at four in the morning near the target's car and then he detonated the bomb at about nine in the morning, as he was required to do.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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