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Reconciliation in Demo Village, Hama

Governor says reconciliations represent victories by Syrians in their war against terrorism
Reconciliation in Demo Village, Hama

The Governor of Hama, Ghassan Khalaf said on Thursday that a reconciliation had been agreed in the village of Demo in Hama countryside.


The governor confirmed that this reconciliation, like many others in the country, represents a starting point for successive victories by Syrians in their war against terrorism.


The governor added that reconciliation and unity, and solving disputes among the sons of Homeland is the basic way to exit of the current crisis Syria is passing through.


MP Akram Hawash, who supervised the reconciliation, said the move comes within the directives and endeavors of the State to generalize national reconciliations in all Syrian cities.


The families of Demo underlined their support for the Homeland and its leader, against those who try to harm it, pointing out to the necessity of boosting amity and tolerance among all citizens.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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