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Rebels Return 50 Army Bodies to Halt Strikes on Dumayr

The Commander of Dumayr military airbase has threatened to “wipe Damayr off the map”
Rebels Return 50 Army Bodies to Halt Strikes on Dumayr

Syrian opposition rebels have acquiesced to Assad army threats of a “genocide” in Dumayr city, returning the bodies of at least 50 corpses of loyalist forces.


General Jayez Mousa, the Commander of Dumayr military airbase, one of Assad’s most important military airports , 46 km east Damascus, threatened to “wipe Damayr off the map” unless the rebels give up fighting on the enclaves of the desert city and return ammunition they seized at army depots, local source told Zaman al-Wasl.


Warplanes struck Dumayr city on Monday, killing at least 31 people, including two women and 12 children, in a series of strikes with explosive barrels, the revolutionary local coordination committees reported.


The strikes hit the northern neighborhoods of the city where all of the victims, which also included tens of wounded, were civilians.
Activists also reported the use of surface-to-surface missiles by the regime army.


Many locals in the city have blamed Zahran Alloush, the Islam Amy commander, for breaking a two-year truce between rebels and regime army, even if it was fragile, they said.


The coordination committee posted footage on YouTube showing the aftermath of the airstrike. Dozens of people were clambering over the wreckage of buildings. Another YouTube posting showed a plume of smoke from an apparent explosion rising into the air.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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