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Rainfall Reveals Lack of Preparation: Damascus Streets Drowning in Water

Authorities had previously declared their readiness for the upcoming winter season, according to Athr Press.

Numerous areas in Damascus and its outskirts experienced heavy rainfall on Sunday, leading to torrential downpours that forced the diversion or closure of roads for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Authorities have declared their readiness for the upcoming winter season, striving diligently to prevent floods and mitigate the potential damage caused by heavy rains. The Damascus Governorate assured the public that it has taken measures such as isolating and installing large rain traps, and implementing new drainage systems while replacing outdated sewage networks.

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Despite these efforts, the first rainfall on Sunday prompted concerns among the capital’s residents. In discussions with Athr Press, they questioned the effectiveness of the authorities’ weekly follow-ups, expressing worry about the potential consequences if such diligent monitoring were lacking.

Notably, the institution apparently overlooked its responsibilities in the Baramkeh area. Consequently, roads were inundated with rainwater, especially on the route from SANA to the Umayyad complex, and issues persisted on the Rabwa road due to rainfall.

Recently, Damascus Governor Muhammad Tarek Kreishati conducted an inspection to assess the preparedness of rain drains in the city’s streets and tunnels. He closely monitored the activities carried out by the directorates of maintenance and hygiene, as well as the General Company for Sanitation. These efforts included maintenance, cleaning, and isolation of emollients and rain traps, along with ensuring the functionality of pumps for tunnels and cleaning containers in anticipation of winter. The governor emphasized the need for proactive measures, calling for the continuous isolation and cleaning of emollients and traps throughout the city and its neighbourhoods to prevent the accumulation of water pools.

Despite these directives, a scheduled meeting with all relevant directorates, attended by the governor, aimed to address outstanding issues and focus on cleaning emollients and grills proved ineffective.

In light of these challenges, the public remains concerned about the city’s preparedness for the winter season and its ability to manage potential flooding and water accumulation effectively.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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