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PYD Forces Kill, Rape Women in Tal Brak

Residents say the Kurdish militias are employing brutal and repressive tactics against Arabs
PYD Forces Kill, Rape Women in Tal Brak

The forces of the Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) Party have committed terrible civilian massacres in the town of Tal Brak, in the northeastern Hassakeh province. 


40 people were killed, including women and children, and the brother of the director Khidr al-Bahr, Yousef al-Bahr, who was executed in front of his children.


The majority of town's in habitants are Arab and the town had been controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) before PYD forces entered it.


PYD forces punished the inhabitants of the city because they welcomed ISIS, but in fact this is an excuse for their fascist project which is based on changing the ethnic identity of the town.


Tal Brak inhabitants have now suffered at the hands of ISIS and the PYD.


Activists said PYD fighters vowed revenge upon the inhabitants of the town two days before they entered it after the party lost many fighters in the battles against jihadists in Tal Brak and Tal Hamis a month ago. Residents documented cases of rape, saying thevictims were burnt and disposed of.


Young Kurdish men from Afrin told our reporter in Aleppo that pro-Assad PKK forces "practice a cruel and barbarian suppression against young Kurdish men to oblige them to volunteer and execute the fascist agenda of their organization".


Ali Mustafa, a university student who left Syria with other young men to avoid joining the party, said "the militias force every person over 15 years old, whether he was a boy or a girl, to join the militia and carry weapons, unless he or she has no brothers or sisters." 


"The party provides food and the volunteers have to follow intense military and educational courses in Kurdish language in order to change their ideas into the fascist ideology of the militia".


Citizens from Afrin arrived in Turkey confirmed that the militia have stolen 75% of the olive and pomegranate crops from the land owners in Afrin region. They use the excuse of establishing a Kurdish state, and anyone who refuses to pay is arrested or even killed.


"The militia takes 1,000 Syrian Pounds in tax from the poor people and imposes taxes on the merchants," said a citizen from Afrin who crossed the Turkish border illegally.


"The militias prohibited education in Arabic after they had replaced the old syllabus with a new one written in Kurdish.  The new syllabus promotes the ideas of these fascist militias, who also removed all signs written in Arabic from the shops and official offices, replacing them with Kurdish ones," said Afrin residents.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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