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Political Symposium in Damascus Says Syria headed in Right Direction

Participants agree that Syria has been targeted for its adherence to national principals
Political Symposium in Damascus Says Syria headed in Right Direction


A symposium on the presidential election and the future of Syria kicked off on Sunday at the Assad Library in Damascus.


Participants agreed that Syria has been targeted for its people's adherence to national principles and willingness to participate in the elections.


Member of the Regional Leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, Khalaf al-Miftah, said the event coincides with the achievements of the Syrian Army and the 14th anniversary of the victory of the resistance in Lebanon over the Zionist entity.


He said the West is targeting all countries which do not abide by the western dictates, adding that the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their unity behind the leadership and army foiled all plots and schemes against the country.


The Member of the Central Leadership of the National Progressive Front, Hanin Nimr, meanwhile said that there is no democracy without patriotism, stressing the need to preserve national sovereignty and eradicate terrorism.


MP Khalil Mashhadiyeh said that Syrians, by casting their votes and participating in ballots, are conveying a message to the entire world that they are committed to the safety and security of their homeland and are prepared to defend the country' sovereignty and independent decisions.


He said that all sides that call for delaying the elections want to prolong the crisis.


In statements to journalists on the sidelines of the event, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said that Syrians are participating in the upcoming elections with faith in their leadership, army and the future of their homeland.


Shaaban added that Syrians understand that their country is targeted by enemies and western countries, highlighting the importance of elections to continue the development process and reconstruct what has been sabotaged by the terrorists.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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