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PM Says Democracy Was at its Best During Election

Halqi described the election as "a key point" in Syria's modern history
PM Says Democracy Was at its Best During Election


Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said on Thursday that Syria's presidential elections drove home a message saying that legitimacy can only be granted by the Syrian people themselves and all the fuss and "voices of dissonance" of the West are "worthless".


Speaking to reporters the Premier classified the election, in which President Bashar Assad secured a third term in office, as "a key point" in Syria's modern history where the Syrians "played out democracy at its best".


He said the Syrian people embodied legitimacy through their massive turnout at the ballot boxes, giving voice to their "real will".


All hostile Western statements which preceded and followed the "spectacular" results are a sort of "political stubbornness" that is rendered futile before the "real union" binding Syria's people and leader," Halqi added.


Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Faisal Mikdad, stressed that the presidential election was a harsh blow to all those who doubted the capacity of the Syrian people to face terrorist attacks waged against Syria for over three years.


In an interview to al-Mayadin TV, Mikdad said these elections are legitimate because they reflect the respect of the Syrian Arab Republic towards its constitution and legal commitments, and they are much better than the western countries' elections which are based on propaganda and money from the Gulf states.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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