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PM Denies Raising Food Prices, Promises Continued Support

Halki stresses the country requires everyone's national and humanitarian involvement to strengthen the country against future challenges
PM Denies Raising Food Prices, Promises Continued Support

Syrian Prime Minister, Wael al-Halki, denied rumors of raising prices of food supplies like rice and sugar, stressing in a statement to Al-Watan that there is no increase in the prices of these materials whatsoever.


"We will continue to support these materials, while raising the prices of oil, bread and domestic gas was part of government's project to rationalize support and deliver it to those who need it most, progressing from the concept of comprehensive support to transitional support. The government is proceeding with its social support policy and will not abandon it, as evidence shows it still supports basic materials despite raising the prices. The government still supports bread, electricity, agriculture, industry and social services. The value of this amounts to more than 24 billion SYP", Halki explained.


During the meeting, which was attended by a significant number of ministers, the government discussed a number of issues relating to the improvement of the living standards of citizens, economic, social and service conditions and actions to reduce the impact of the crisis on citizens, with ways to provide basic services and needs.


Halki confirmed that the government conducted a review on the support policy due to the lack of resources, caused by terrorist groups targeting key sectors. Thus, it was necessary to rationalize the support, and to adjust the expenditure while using this financial rationalization in order to improve the living standards, service sectors – especially education – and transport and health.


Halki stressed that the country requires everyone's national and humanitarian involvement together with the integration of roles and responsibilities to fortify the country against future challenges, while responding to the requirements of the Syrian people.


Halki also stressed the continuation of national efforts on behalf of the government, the Ministry of Reconciliation, with other national institutions and societal forces to recover the country and clear its land from Al-Qaeda. These efforts contribute to the launch of a national dialogue and local reconciliations, which will ensure the isolation of terrorists, end the chaos and bring views together until a shared vision the future of the nation is reached.


Halki explained that the government dealt positively with all the Arab and international initiatives – including the freezing of the fighting in Aleppo and the latest Russian initiative which led to the consultative meeting – which may find a political solution for the crisis. The government considers the opposition a national partner in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to settle the pressing issues on the Syrian national agenda.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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