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PM's Damascus Visit Highlights Transport

Premier al-Halki inspects Damascus transport, markets and fuel stations
PM's Damascus Visit Highlights Transport

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki stressed the government is committed to fulfilling citizens’ needs, noting direct communication between concerned parties to meet increasing gas and fuel demands.


Halki carried out a tour on Thursday during which he inspected a number of petrol stations, gas cylinder distribution centers, bakeries, consumer goods establishments and firefighting centers in al-Mazzeh neighborhood and Baghdad Street, Damascus.


The visit included an inspection of inter-city transportation and transportation between provinces, as well as the Damascus-Beirut and Damascus-Amman transport lines.


In a statement, Halki assured reporters that all necessary materials including gas, diesel and gasoline will be available in the market in the next few days and will be supplied in accordance with demand.


He stressed that field tours by concerned parties, including the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry, will continue so as to monitor the performance of governmental, services and economic sectors.


He also called upon the ministry to intensify efforts to control markets following recent cases of corruption, price manipulation, monopolization and fuel smuggling.

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