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PFLP-GC Calls to Open Arab Fronts

A pro-Assad Palestine group calls to launch operations in the Golan Heights.
PFLP-GC Calls to Open Arab Fronts


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) Saturday called on Palestinian resistance factions to unite under a general command for a coordinated operation in the Golan.


In a statement, thePFLP-GCalso called for the opening of all Arab fronts for Palestinian and Arab resistance forces, like the Golan, particularly the Jordanian border.






This comes days after Hezbollah's leader Hasan nasrallah had threatened to turn the Golan Heights into a "resistance front" against Israel. Following Israel's weekend air raids near Damascus, Assad was quoted as saying he would turn the Golan into a "resistance front" – suggesting he had given a green light to guerrilla groups to launch retaliatory attacks. Nasrallah followed with a promise to support his efforts "to liberate the Syrian Golan".


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