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People’s Assembly Passes Bill Amending Social Security Law

Bills on bank loans, banking courts, legal translators, and tax exemptions referred for consideration
People’s Assembly Passes Bill Amending Social Security Law

The People’s Assembly on Sunday passed a bill on amending articles of the social security law, as well as a bill on the law for issuing travel documents and passports.


During the assembly session, Labor Minister Khalaf al-Abdullah said the amendments to the social security law will give more benefits to workers, including insurance cover for Syrians working abroad.


The assembly also referred to a number of bills to the proper committees for study and deliberation, including a bill on bank loans, a bill on establishing banking courts in each province, a bill on regulating the profession of legal translators, a bill on exemptions for fees due to industrial cities and zones, and a bill on exemptions from income tax.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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