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Pedersen Reveals Agenda Of Syrian Constitutional Committee’s 8th Round

Pedersen met with the government and opposition co-Chairs, as well as with a delegation from civil society, according to North Press.
Pedersen Reveals Agenda Of Syrian Constitutional Committee’s 8th Round

The UN envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen revealed on Sunday the agenda of the 8th round of the Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings in Geneva.

The 8th round of constitutional talks starts in Geneva on May 30th and will last for five days, in the presence of representatives of the Syrian government, the opposition and civil society organizations.

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“The agenda for the week was reviewed, and the four principles to be discussed throughout the week were agreed by the two co-Chairs, the co-Chair of the government and the co-Chair of opposition,” Pedersen said through a series of tweets on his official account.

The agenda includes “Unilateral coercive measures from a constitutional standpoint, maintaining and strengthening State’s institutions, the supremacy of the Constitution and the position of international treaties, and transitional Justice,” Pedersen tweeted.

“One day will be spent on each principle,” Pederson further explained.

Pederson indicated in his tweets that he met jointly with the co-Chairs.

He mentioned that they also met with the Civil Society delegation.

Baladi News

According to the opposition website Baladi News, Pedersen is scheduled to brief member states on the outcome of the talks with the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the results of his recent visit to Damascus, and his talks with Damascus.

Earlier, Pedersen’s office announced that “the new session will be held in closed sessions outside the UN headquarters in Geneva, unlike previous rounds, during which negotiations have not achieved significant progress.”

At the seventh round meeting, “the mini-body, consisting of a candidate delegation from the Syrian regime, the opposition delegation, and the civil society delegation, discussed draft constitutional texts on four constitutional principles, including the foundations of government, the identity of the state, its symbols, the structure and functions of public authorities,” the statement said.

The Syrian Constitutional Committee ended its seventh round at the end of March, without offering anything new related to a Syrian solution. Pedersen said he would “do everything in his power to bring the views of the members closer together.”

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