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Peace and Freedom Front: Regime Responsible for Economic Situation

The group blamed the Syrian regime for the difficult economic situation and dire living conditions, according to Etihad.
Peace and Freedom Front: Regime Responsible for Economic Situation

On Wednesday, the Peace and Freedom Front’s leadership issued a statement concerning its latest meeting. The statement covered the group’s position on several issues affecting Syria.

The group blamed the Syrian regime for the difficult economic situation and dire living conditions, which negatively impacts stability and provokes further migration. These consequences flow from the regime’s intransigence and the international community’s lack of seriousness about ending the tragedy impacting the Syrian people.”

In its statement, the group welcomed the exclusion of areas beyond the control of the regime and its supporters from Caesar Act sanctions. It also endorsed the adaptation of sanctions to have a direct impact on the regime and not on the people in regime-controlled areas; the reopening of humanitarian crossings; and providing direct assistance to the groups most affected by the crisis. The latter includes Syria’s three eastern governorates, where the population has been greatly affected by the drought in agricultural crops this year and previously.

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The group said in its statement that it believes that, in accordance with the mechanisms that are being implemented in the Constitutional Committee, it may take several years to complete merely the general principles, which special envoy Geir Pedersen confirmed.

“The international community, in all our meetings with them, urged the need to activate foreign actors and exert maximum pressure on the regime and its supporters to achieve a political solution, as well as to release detainees, the disappeared, and the kidnapped,” the group said. 

The group expressed its fear of a possible Turkish military operation, especially in terms of the likely consequences on local communities. The group stressed that Turkey is an important country, occupying a central role, and has access to several pressure points over relevant parties to the Syrian issue. The meeting also held the Autonomous Administration and Syrian Democratic Forces responsible for this war, in terms of both the war’s outbreak and the lack of partnership to mitigate the circumstances. 

Ankara resumes threats

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has returned to flagging a military operation in Syria. On Monday, Erdogan again threatened to launch a military operation once “preparations are completed.” 

“We will begin our new operations as soon as preparations on completing the security buffer on our border with Syria are completed,” Erdogan said after a meeting of the Turkish government.

“We have carried out three major military operations in northern Syria over the past years, without seeking permission from anyone, despite all the pressures put on us to arrest the issue,” said Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kan. 

“The anticipated military operation in northern Syria could start at any time, and it could come suddenly,” Callen said, adding: “We are ready, and when there is any threat to us, we will take action.”

Comment from The Observer

The Peace and Freedom Front was founded in 2020 and includes four Syrian opposition entities: the Revolutionary Democratic Organization, the Kurdish National Council, the Syrian Al-Ghad Movement, the Arab Council on al-Jazeera and the Euphrates, as part of a new political movement in the Eastern Euphrates region controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces. The group refers to competition for political hegemony in conjunction with the tugs to reach a clearly defined intra-Kurdish agreement in the region.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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