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Opposition Failed on All Levels, Constitutional Committee Member

Samira Mubayed accused the Syrian opposition of deviating from the true demands of the revolution, according to North Press.
Opposition Failed on All Levels, Constitutional Committee Member

Serious support to the opposition is absent given it failed on all aspects during the last decade of the Syrian war, said Samira Mubayed, member of the Syrian Constitutional Committee for the Civil Society.   

“The opposition was provided with much support in the past, yet its formations were labeled as corrupt. It turned out later that the opposition tries to achieve and secure interests of limited network and collide obviously for this purpose, Mubayed added.     

She pointed out that today, after eleven years of war, Syria is still on the track of change, a track still affected by multiple international and regional factors and by wider change of formations in the region and the world.  

Mubayed voiced she believes that the Syrians “have to correct any deviations in the process of change in order to avoid circulation of repressive and comprehensive regimes under any titles. The goal is also to avoid overlooking the profits of the Syrians at the expense of extension of other parties.”

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The Syrian opposition was formed as an extension to the formations of the political system that ruled Syria ahead of the revolution. Thus, the opposition was subject to the same concepts, conducts, and networks of international and regional subordination, according to Mubayed. 

“The opposition gave no progress over the years,” she noted. 

The opposition deviated from the true demands of the Syrian revolution and registered a setback in the international supporting attitudes, according to her. 

Mubayed stressed that the future demands to put an end to the reversal and to set off according to the interests of the Syrians not according to ideological profits linked to cross border formations that transfer their wars to the Syrian territory and involve in a nihilist conflict that lead to the destruction of the country and displacement of the people.  

She mentioned there is an independent opposition that constitutes the civil people who have been affected in the past decades. It is a category that reorganized, and still, itself with all formations, and creates new political, civil, and lawful currents among others.


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