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Opposition Criticizes Some Countries’ Treatment of Syrian Refugees… Exempts Turkey

Deportation campaigns target even those with valid legal documentation, according to Baladi News.
Opposition Criticizes Some Countries’ Treatment of Syrian Refugees… Exempts Turkey

The National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces has raised concerns about the treatment of Syrian refugees by various governments within their territories. Notably, they have criticized the ongoing deportation of Syrian refugees from Turkey, which occurs almost daily.

Salim Idris, the coordinator of the coalition’s Office of Refugee Affairs, presented a comprehensive report on their activities over the past two months. This report covered the plight of Syrian refugees in several countries, including Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and others. Idris provided updates on refugee issues in these nations and monitored the well-being of refugees, as detailed on the coalition’s official website.

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Within this report, Idris highlighted the recent actions of the Iraqi government, which has been deporting Syrian refugees and handing them over to the Assad regime. He also expressed concern about Iraq’s failure to adhere to international laws regarding refugee protection.

Idris also sheds light on the mistreatment suffered by individuals fleeing life-threatening situations in Greece, including Syrian asylum seekers. The report documented cases involving 70 people, including 32 children, 10 women, and 26 men. It emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and criticized the lack of support provided by international organizations in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. There are growing fears that these organizations may shirk their responsibilities towards refugees after more than twelve years of crisis.

However, it’s worth noting that the report did not address the abuses experienced by Syrian refugees in Turkey or the ongoing deportation campaigns targeting even those with valid legal documentation. Recent months have witnessed an alarming number of deportations from Turkey, primarily from Istanbul, despite the affected individuals holding temporary protection cards and asserting their mandatory right to remain.


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