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On Labour Day: Syrian workers determined to build Syria’s bright future

Labor Day comes this year while Syria is still facing a vicious global war and conspiracies led by the US, Israel, and western governments and the Arab petro-dollar states
On Labour Day: Syrian workers determined to build Syria’s bright future

Syrian workers celebrate today Labour Day with more determination to take part in the battle of rebuilding and reconstruction  and fighting takfiri terrorism which plagued our country over the past three years with the aim of implementing a Zionist agenda that aims to weaken Syria and destroy its infrastructure.


Targeting the infrastructure, which has been constructed by the great efforts of the workers, will not dissuade workers from exerting all efforts to reconstruct what has been sabotaged and destroyed by the armed terrorist groups over the past three years.


Labor Day comes this year while Syria is still facing a vicious global war and conspiracies led by the US, Israel, and western governments and the Arab petro-dollar states.


The Labor Day is an opportunity to highlight the sublime values of devotion, faithfulness construction and production, which are all embodied in the Syrian workers who have always contributed to enhancing work quality and overcoming all obstacles that impede the development process.


The anniversary holds lots of meanings and indications, especially as Syria is facing systematic sabotage acts with repercussions on all aspects of the lives of citizens. Despite three years of terrorist war waged against Syria, the majority of the Syrian institutions are carrying out their duties under difficult circumstances defying the takfiri terrorism which has been supported by the US, its European allies and regional and Arab petro-dollar states. Syrian people, armed with the bravery of its army, steadfastness of its workers and the blood of martyrs have been able to foil the conspiracy and confront the global war being launched against them.


The working class has been given top priority in Syria in appreciation of its pivotal role in achieving sustainable development in all aspects of life. On this occasion, reference should be made to the workers’ role in improving the development process, increasing production, carrying out reconstruction work and improving the citizens' social, economic and political conditions. The working class has played a vital role in creating economic, social and development changes in all aspects of life and strengthening the state's capabilities. Syrian workers performed admirably during the crisis, confronting the economic war against Syrian people and strengthening national economy with their determination to keep working and giving despite the difficult circumstances created by the global war against Syria.


The armed terrorist groups have stolen factories in Aleppo and other nearby cities and transferred the stolen goods to Turkey, with the full knowledge of the Turkish Government. These unethical terrorist acts are tantamount to direct participation in transnational crime and piracy. Turkey is directly involved in looting factories in the industrial city of Aleppo. Some 1,000 factories in the city of Aleppo have been plundered, and their stolen goods transferred to Turkey with the full knowledge and facilitation of the Turkish government. It is an illegal act of aggression that amounts to piracy. It is an act of aggression against the Syrian people's livelihood.  The terrorists have stolen machinery, equipment, vehicles, cranes and raw materials from Aleppo and smuggled the stolen goods into Turkey.


Syria has presented decisive evidence on the involvement of the Turkish government in stealing production lines and machines from hundreds of factories in Aleppo city and smuggling them into the Turkish territories in clear breach of the international laws. But there was no positive response from the UN Security Council as some permanent members in the Council are complicit in shedding the Syrian people’s blood and destroying Syria’s infrastructure.  Robbing factories and facilities in Aleppo aims at destroying the Syrian economy, causing damage to the Syrian industry and affecting the livelihood of Syrian people. Those who conspire against Syria continue to use terrorists and mercenaries from around the world, sending them to Syria to commit atrocious crimes, thereby causing humanitarian, social, and economic disasters to Syria.


The Syrian industrialists accuse the Turkish government of practicing terrorism, criminality and robbery in a deliberate and methodical way against the Syrian industry. The terrorist attacks caused great damage to Syria's infrastructure, tourism, human resources, and achievements, with more than 4,000 workers falling martyrs during the crisis because of the mortars thrown by takfiri terrorists into factories and worker cities.


Syrian workers are determined to rebuild the factories destroyed and sabotaged by the armed groups with the help of Turkey.


On this occasion, Syrian people  reiterated faith in the role of workers in consolidating national unity and confronting internal and external challenges, on top of which the US-Zionist aggression backed by their regional tools and Arab petro-dollar states.


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