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Official Denies Assad Convoy Targeted

Official says fake report amounts to psychological warfare
Official Denies Assad Convoy Targeted

A senior Syrian official has denied a report in Israeli media that President Bashar Assad's convoy was targeted for attack in Damascus Monday.


The official said the President's convoy had not even been in Damascus at the time and said the report amounted to psychological warfare.


The report, broadcast by Israel's Tenth Channel "is absolutely untrue," the official said, adding that "some Syrian officials consider this to be part of psychological warfare or an attempt to deflect from recent Syrian military achievements."


"Just talking about targeting the procession of the president creates confusion, whether true or not. The Israeli media reported that a person succeeded in observing President Assad's convoy and blowing it up to try to show that there are security vulnerabilities among the highest powers in the country. Maybe this was the sole intention in reporting this news."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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