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Nusra Front Slaughter 42 in Maan, Hama

Syrian armed forces say women, children and elderly killed by "terrorists"
Nusra Front Slaughter 42 in Maan, Hama


The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces said that 42 women, children and elderly people were murdered in a horrific massacre committed by Nusra Front terrorists in the village of Maan, in Hama's northern countryside on Sunday.


In a statement issued on Monday, the Command affirmed that takfiri armed terrorist groups attacked the village of Maan in large numbers, using various forms of weapons, pillaging and burning houses, and displacing all the village's occupants.


The statement said that this criminal act comes at a time when the Syrian state is exerting tireless efforts to end the suffering of the Syrian people. It constitutes clear evidence of terrorists' connection to foreign parties, that have become well known to everyone.


The Command said the "cowardly terrorist act will not go unpunished", and that "the murderers will pay dearly for what they did.".


The statement concluded by saying that the armed forces are now more determined than ever to continue fulfilling its constitutional duty of confronting and eradicating terrorism and restoring safety and security to the country.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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