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Nusra Front Leader Warns Hezbollah

In new video, Golani says does not believe in parties, the political process, or elections
Nusra Front Leader Warns Hezbollah

The Leader of the jihadist Nusra Front, Abu Mohammad al-Golani has reaffirmed his group's refusal to bow to any international pressure to join in any political compromise.


In an video recording published on Jihadi websites Wednesday, Golani said: "We as Muslims do not believe in the political process, political parties or parliamentary elections".


He warned of an "international policy on the battle for Syria," saying that "it is noticeable that international forces are trying to maintain the balance of forces on the ground, in order to pressure and oblige them to accept a political compromise simultaneous with the upcoming presidential elections in 2014."


The elections, he said, "replace one dictator with a new one and keep the regime in order to save the military and security institutions."


He warned Syrian against being "misguided" by such games, saying it is "a game in which victories can be kidnapped, blood can be lost and sacrifices will be made in vain."


Golani also attacked Hezbollah.


"Thank God for the stupidity of this party's leadership, as it revealed a buried hatred in the hearts of this party's followers towards Sunnis," he said, also warning Hezbollah that "a new Sunni era has begun in the region."


"What the Iranian party does in Syria and Lebanon today will not pass without punishment," he said.


Golani invited "any force supporting this party and complicit in its crimes in Syria and Lebanon to retreat and announce its position before it is too late."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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