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News Roundup 

Turkish officer killed while dismantling an explosive device, two injured in motorcycle bomb, and pro-Turkish forces set fire to refugee house.
News Roundup 

Local sources reported that a Turkish officer in charge of the engineering and mines department in the Turkish army was killed on Thursday in the city of al-Bab, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the officer was killed while he was dismantling an explosive device that was intended to detonate at the entrance of the headquarters of the Hamza Division in the city’s old agricultural building. 

A motorcycle bomb exploded at a military headquarters of the government forces in the town of Muzayrib in the western countryside of the Daraa Governorate, on Wednesday. According to local media, the bomb went off in the headquarters of Hassan Ajaj, which resulted in the injury of two people, who were transferred to the Daraa National Hospital. Ajaj had previously worked as a leader within a local faction in the western region of Daraa. Currently, he is a member of the Fourth Division as well as a member of the Central Committee in the region. 

Members of the pro-Turkey Hamza Division set fire to four houses belonging to displaced families in the village of al-Qasimia in the countryside of Tell Tamer, near a Turkish military base, according to a report by the Al-Etihad Press website. In a related development, the Turkish forces brought heavy weapons, including tanks, to the Turkish bases in Umm Ashba and Bab al-Khair. The Turkish forces also sent similar reinforcements last week.

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