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New Formation of the Free Syrian Army

New command working on resolving internal divisions and problems
New Formation of the Free Syrian Army

A source from the General Staff of the Free Syrian Army has told All4syria that the restructuring of the FSA command has been completed as follows:


Defense Minister: Mustafa Asaad


Deputy Defense Minister: Major General Mohammed Makhlouf


Chief of Staff: Brigadier General Abdulilah Bashir


Deputy Chief of Staff: Colonel Haitham Alafeesi


Director of Operations: Brigadier Zaki Ali Lolah


Director of Armaments: Brigadier General Adnan Khutba


Director of Logistics and Supply: Brigadier General Ahmad Ghurra


Director of Investigations: Brigadier General Ahmad Sharouf


Director of Artillery and Rockets: Brigadier Abdul Majid Aldbes


Director of the Department of Management and Administration: Brigadier General Talal Farzat


Director of Financial Management: Brigadier Ibrahim Darwish


Director of Military Judiciary: Brigadier General Mohammad Abu Zaid


Director of the Department of the Air Force: Brigadier General Salah Bsireny


Director of Signal Department: Colonel Riad Al-Saeed


Director of Military Intelligence: Brigadier General Yahya Bitar


Director of Chemistry: Brigadier Khaled al-Omar


Director of Military Engineering: Brigadier Abdul Majd Ashtar


The Defense Minister in the interim government, Asaad Mustafa, had recently met the Chief of Staff Brigadier General Abdul Ilah al-Bashir and the leadership of the Military Staff in the Turkish city of Gaziantep to discuss the restructuring of the leadership of the staff.


Mustafa said during a press conference that the military boards were found in many Syrian cities to face the forces of the Syrian regime.


Mustafa said that "the upcoming period will witness the highest degree of coordination between the political and military leaderships", and promised that "the military leaders selected will be the closest to the ground and the battlefield".


"We will work to remedy all the problems and focus on resolving them or avoiding them," Mustafa added.


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