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New Arabic Newspaper to Launch in London

Al-Jadid will publish both online and print editions
New Arabic Newspaper to Launch in London

Spaces Media Limited will launch a new Arabic newspaper soon, Al-Jadid, with online and print versions.


A statement issued by the new U.K. based media company said Al-Jadid newspapers (The New in English) is part of an integrated media project, adding that more details will be announced soon.


A source close to Spaces Media confirmed that the new newspaper will be an important addition and a leap for the Arabic media world in terms of its commitment to international standards of credibility and objectivity, concentrating on people values and ambitions in Arab Spring countries, including freedom, democracy, human dignity and social justice.


The veteran Egyptian journalist Wael Qandil has been named Editor In-Chief and the Palestinian poet and journalist Jordanian Amjad Nasser is Managing Editor. The project includes a group of journalists and opinion writers prominent in the Arab world.


The newspaper will focus on the Syrian affairs and will develop a network of journalists to cover the Syrian revolution in professional way from the battlefields, according to a Zaman Al-Wasl source.


The newspaper “is not a substitute for any media outlet”, the source said, but hopes to enrich the Arab media landscape through the diversity of opinions and trends “in a space of communicative rationality and full openness into youth generation.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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