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Necessary Syrian Determinants to Any Arab Initiative

General Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi raised the most important priorities that can represent an appropriate approach to a solution in Syria, in an op-ed to al-Modon. EXCEPRTS.
Necessary Syrian Determinants to Any Arab Initiative

The terrible toll of crimes against Syrians has led them to insist on rejecting any rapprochement or reconciliation with Assad as a means of struggle to maintain survival. 

In this context, the most important priorities that can represent an appropriate approach to a solution in Syria can be raised. 

First: The full release of all political detainees and the disclosure of the fate of the kidnapped and forcibly disappeared in the prisons of the regime and by all parties, as a humanitarian principle above negotiation. 

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Second: The fundamental step towards achieving societal stability is ensuring the safe return of displaced individuals to their homes and towns without any security obstacles. However, this cannot be achieved without establishing a secure environment, which necessitates the departure of Assad and his ruling junta. The head of the regime has become inseparable from the security system, and only with his removal can the system be dismantled.

Third: If Assad and his ruling clique were to be removed while preserving state institutions, it could open up the possibility for the UN resolutions to be implemented without any hindrances. Subsequently, there could be discussions about drafting a new constitution for the country in accordance with internationally recognized constitutional principles.

Fourth: The withdrawal of all militias and foreign forces from Syrian territory and the entry of UN forces until the country’s army and security institutions are reconstituted nationally. 

These measures may be preliminary, but for Syrians, they are key determinants of any solution initiative aimed at putting an end to the Syrian killing and paving the way for the return of Syrians to building their Syrian state. 

To actualize this solution, a Syrian national conference must be convened to establish a political entity that genuinely represents all Syrians and is not limited to traditional or dominant revolutionary and opposition forces. This entity must be inclusive of all Syrian voices that seek to save Syria, prevent occupation and oppression, put an end to the ongoing war, corruption, and hunger that have afflicted all Syrians across the country, abolish all de facto authorities, and rebuild the Syrian state based on civil and democratic national foundations, in line with the aspirations and will of the Syrian people. This entity will be entrusted with the country’s political leadership during the transitional period.

General Abdel Jabbar Okaidi is a former commander and spokesman for the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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