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NCC Outlines Conditions for Participation at Geneva

The NCC will wait for a response from the Coalition after a series of meetings
NCC Outlines Conditions for Participation at Geneva

The Executive Office of the National Coordination Commission For Democratic Change (NCC) has outlines the importance of the NCC's role in negotiations at Geneva II talks.


The NCC also clarified its position on conditions required to lead the conference to success.


In a statement, the NCC said dialogue sessions had taken place between the representatives of the NCC, headed by the General Coordinator, and the representatives of the Syrian National Coalition, headed by Ahmad Jarba.


The meetings covered the difficulties of participation in Geneva II, with both parties stressing the importance of a commitment to the Geneva I declaration, and balanced, representative participation that responds to the points of political agreement between the different national and democratic forces.


The NCC statement said the group will wait for the Coalition's position on political and organizational documents. Dialogue with the Coalition is suspended until the NCC receives the Coalition's formal reply.


Chairman of NCC abroad, Haitham Manna had previously stated that the NCC will not participate in the second round of Geneva II, describing the expansion of the Syrian opposition's delegation as  "tinkering" process.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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