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NCC Condemns Regime and Opposition Fighters

The NCC denied attempts of the both sides of the conflict to "distort the policies of the Commission"
NCC Condemns Regime and Opposition Fighters

The “internal opposition’, the National Coordination Commission (NCC) has praised the awareness of Syrians in the coastal regions” and their “defeat of the plan to stir sectarian conflict".


In a statement published on its website, the NCC also condemned the “massacres being committed against civilians by terrorists, who are working for non-national and non-democratic projects.”


“The Commission offers condolences to the relatives of innocent civilian victims and calls for the release of all hostages,” the statement said.


The NCC condemned “continuous cruel crimes committed by regime troops and  militias in addition to their use of heavy artillery to shell residential areas out of its control,” it went on, “especially the massacre in the quarter of Kalasa in Aleppo, in which many buildings collapsed on their inhabitants, killing ten people including children, women and elderly.”


The NCC denied attempts of the both sides of the conflict “to distort the policies of the Commission,” and rejected what it said were attempts to smear the Commission through claims that it fails to condemn the crimes on one side of the conflict.


It assured that its policies rest on the idea of “higher moral, humane and political measures to condemn the continuous crimes targeting civilians.”


The statement also condemned what it described as "terrible crimes" committed against civilians in the southern suburb of Beirut, saying it revealed the reality of all massacres and conflicts that are committed under sectarian and doctrinal titles.


The Commission stressed that the event should not be exploited to deepen the ongoing conflict in Syria.


The statement said that the Commission sees an opportunity for a political compromise based upon the understandings of Geneva 1, and stressed the importance of taking this opportunity as the only chance to achieve a political solution that may “stop the bloodshed and tragedy.”


It called to hold Geneva 2 as soon as possible, and said it was willing to unite the delegations of the opposition on the base of a negotiation program to achieve a political solution.


Finally the NCC called on participating countries to sign whatever agreements the conference may reach and said a resolution should be issued by the U.N. Security Council to provide these agreements with the required executive cover.


The statement made no mention of the detained members of the Commission including Abdulaziz al-Khair and Youssef Abdelke.



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