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National Coalition Meets With US Envoy Ratney

Coalition's political commission discusses military, humanitarian and political situation with the newly appointed US Envoy
National Coalition Meets With US Envoy Ratney

US envoy to Syria Michael Ratney met with the Syrian National Coalition Thursday to discuss the situation on the ground inside Syria, namely the events in Zabadani, in addition to recent political developments.

Coalition members explained the humanitarian situation in Syria and the need to fulfil international commitments towards supporting the Syrian people, stating that only 26 percent of required aid is being delivered to those who need it. Members also pointed to the tragic situation in the city of Zabadani as a result of the barbaric bombing campaign by regime and Hezbollah forces, which have targeted the city with thousands of barrel bombs, rockets and mortar shells.

The meeting also touched on the Coalition’s attitude towards UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura’s briefing to the UN Security Council, in addition to the political developments in the region over the past few days, specifically the recent meetings in Doha, and the Coalition's efforts to hold a Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

The meeting was also attended by the head of the interim government, Ahmed Tohmeh, and Defense Minister Salim Idris, who spoke about the US-backed train and equip program. Tohmeh, in turn, gave an overview of the needs of the interim government in order to provide services within the liberated areas.

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