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National Popular Stand in Homs in Condemnation of So-Called “Caesar Act”

Protestor gathered in Homs to protest against the Caesar Act and affirm the support of the Syrian army and the country’s people writes SANA.
National Popular Stand in Homs in Condemnation of So-Called “Caesar Act”

Participants in a national stand held Thursday at Martyrs Square in Homs city center rejected and condemned the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, and the so-called “Caesar Act”, affirming their adherence to the national principled stances and their commitment to the homeland in the face of the economic war and the unjust siege imposed on the Syrian people.

Participants in the stand raised national flags and banners saluting the Syrian Arab Army, which is fighting terrorism, and condemning the unjust practices by the forces of aggression against the Syrian people, in addition to affirming their support for the army and leadership in the face of the unjust siege.

They also expressed anger and condemned the US hostility towards free people, affirming that the fake humanity of the US and its allies has been exposed.

The participants indicated that the stand is an expression of the Syrian people’s solidarity with their army and leadership, affirming that Syria will overcome the siege and triumph over it as it has been able to triumph over terrorism.


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