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National Coalition Welcomes US Sanctions on Iran

The Syrian opposition has welcome new sanctions on Iran that target it banking system, but calls on other nations to do more reports Shaam News.
National Coalition Welcomes US Sanctions on Iran

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces welcomed the new sanctions imposed by the US administration on the Iranian regime, indicating that they should inform future events.

The Coalition pointed out that the sanctions came after everyone was finally convinced that there was no other solution to address Iran’s rogue state policies and plans to destabilize security and stability in the region, sponsoring terrorism, supporting tyranny, and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against its own people.

According to the Coalition, “After the recent sanctions imposed by the US administration on those affiliated with terrorist organizations linked to Iran, led by Hezbollah, a new series of sanctions are being added today that target the banking system, which is considered a supporter of the Iranian regime and a gateway to crime and terrorism, which is used to finance malicious projects and the resulting terrorist operations.”

The Coalition stressed that the recent sanctions are a positive step and an important addition, and that they must be supported by more decisive measures.

It stressed that the international community has to step up efforts to dismantle the terrorist networks run by Iran in the region, and international actors should be aware of the dangers of the delay in carrying out their responsibilities and what might result in terms of the exacerbation of crises and loss of life.


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