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Najat Rochdi: Funding for Syria at Historic Low

The Deputy Special Envoy for Syria at the United Nations urged all involved parties to prioritize de-escalation and safeguarding civilian lives.
Najat Rochdi: Funding for Syria at Historic Low

The Deputy Special Envoy for Syria at the United Nations, Najat Rochdi, has issued a stark warning regarding the critical state of funding for humanitarian efforts in Syria. In the aftermath of presiding over a meeting of the humanitarian task force on Syria in Geneva, Rochdi took to X (formerly Twitter) to express her concerns, emphasizing that the suffering and despair among Syrians have reached alarming levels. She stressed the urgency of addressing this situation, highlighting that the current trajectory could lead to further deterioration on the ground.

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Rochdi urged all involved parties to prioritize de-escalation, safeguarding civilian lives, and protecting essential infrastructure in accordance with international humanitarian law. She acknowledged the Syrian regime’s decision to extend permission for UN humanitarian aid deliveries through specific crossings, underscoring the necessity of utilizing all available avenues for aid distribution.

However, Rochdi lamented the persistently low levels of funding allocated to Syria’s humanitarian needs, describing the situation as requiring immediate attention. She emphasized the crucial role of adequate funding in ensuring that essential aid reaches the vast number of Syrians in dire need.

Earlier statements by Rochdi underscored the UN’s deep apprehension regarding the escalating humanitarian crisis in Syria, exacerbated by economic challenges and insufficient funding. She noted a significant increase in the number of people requiring assistance, emphasizing the pressing need for sustained support and resources to address these growing needs effectively.

Rochdi emphasized the imperative of forging a new path forward, one that brings tangible improvements to the long-standing challenges faced by Syrians. She called for concerted efforts to alleviate the suffering endured by all Syrians and to facilitate positive change in their circumstances through sustained humanitarian action and early recovery initiatives.


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