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Muadamiyat ash-Sham Residents Riled by UN Visit

City residents displeased at the insensitivity of visiting UN officials, says local information office
Muadamiyat ash-Sham Residents Riled by UN Visit

The head of Staffan de Mistura's office in Damascus, Khawla Mattar, visited the city of Muadamiyat ash-Sham in the western countryside of Damascuson Wednesday, announcing she could not enter a pill or a loaf of bread into the city, a local source said.

Mohammed Noor of the Muadamiyat ash-Sham information office explained Mattar was also accompanied by the Director of the United Nations Office in Syria Chakib ar-Rais, in addition to the Director of the United Nations Security Office. According to Noor, the officials had told the people of the city they were not permitted to bring medicine or bread with them, and that the visit comes only to report the situation of the city to UN special envoy De Mistura.

Noor confirmed that the officials refused to conduct any interviews with the city’s local media, noting the move increased the residents’ discontent from the United Nations and their efforts to promote a "political solution".

Noor said Mattar's visit to Muadamiyat ash-Sham carried pure political purposes, including the promotion of truces. "The international officials visited destroyed schools and mosques, then a pharmacy and some homes. People went out in a demonstration to demand the release of detainees and the opening of a crossing which has been closed for almost four months", Mohammed said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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