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MPs Call on Government to Resign

Members of the Syrian parliament are calling for the government to resign, accusing it of doing nothing to ease the suffering of the Syrians, according to al-Soury al-Yom.
Syrian MPs government resign
MPs Call on Government to Resign

In a remarkable development, some members of the Syrian parliament criticized the deteriorating living conditions of the Syrian citizen. The criticism targeted the government and its performance, calling for it to resign, without mentioning the real reasons and the fact that the cabinet is powerless in the face of “higher” politics. The citizen alone pays the price.

A member of the People’s Assembly, Nasser al-Nasser, called on the Syrian Prime Minister to resign, asking him to step down as long as he cannot meet his obligations as prime minister. Nasser, representing Homs governorate, had posted on his Facebook page his intervention during the session of the People’s Assembly on Tuesday, in the presence of the prime minister. He addressed the government represented by the prime minister and ministers said: 

The people suffer from hunger, poverty, and injustice. I, as a citizen, before being a member of the People’s Assembly, was also starving. I ask the prime minister, is your salary enough for you till the end of the month? If the answer is yes, please guide us on how, so we benefit from it. If the answer is no, please tell us how you last till the end of the month?

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“Our young people have migrated legally or illegally, dying in the forests of Eastern Europe, sleeping on the streets of the Gulf states, missing in Erbil and Iraq,” he said.

He said: “I believe that the government has failed to improve the living situation of the citizen. Enough experimentation on the citizen! I am aware of the size of the sanctions and blockade on my country, but this does not justify all this government’s failure in performing its work and functions. I call on the Prime Minister to think seriously about submitting his resignation and give the opportunity to those who can help these steadfast and patient people. ” 

For his part, People’s Assembly member, Zuhair Tarraf stressed that this government has become unable to find solutions to the deteriorating living, service, and health situation and has reached a stage of infertility.

Whenever the government wants to solve a problem, it causes citizens to fall into dozens of problems resulting from this solution. Examples are increasing salaries, which are always associated with the high prices on fuel and medicines, and lifting subsidies on certain materials; this solution becomes a problem for the citizens. He recalled that Syria is an agricultural country based on agriculture and food industries that can provide the treasury with funds and foreign exchange capable of improving the living situation without harming the lives of citizens. He demanded the replacement of the ministries of agriculture and industry by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and the Ministry of Industrial Development.


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