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Mounting Abuses by Al-Qaeda Against Civilians in Raqqa

Mean arrested, women lashed and others beheaded for religious crimes
Mounting Abuses by Al-Qaeda Against Civilians in Raqqa

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported one man was arrested by The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) in Raqqa “because his wife wasn't wearing a veil when they were walking in the city of Raqqa".


Another man was reportedly arrested after sitting outside his house with his family, the British-based Observatory said.


Meanwhile ISIS has lashed two girls, aged in their twenties, for not wearing hijab.


ISIS, emboldened by its recent victory over rival rebels in Syria, has imposed sweeping restrictions on personal freedoms in the northern province of Raqqa as it seeks to consolidate control over the region.


The ISIS radicals on Friday beheaded two men using swords for first time publicly, over charges of insulting The Holy Prophet Mohammad, sources said.


Reuters obtained copies of four statements issued on Sunday by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ISIS in which they prohibited music from being played in public and photographs of people being posted in shop windows.


The sale of cigarettes and water pipes are banned, women must wear the niqab – or full face veil – in public and men are obliged to attend Friday prayers at a mosque.


The directives, which cite Koranic verses and Islamic teaching, are the latest evidence of ISIS's ambitions to establish a Syrian state founded on radical Islamist principles.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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