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Mortar Shelling Kills Seven in Damascus

Dozens also reported injured in series of mortar attacks across the capital
Mortar Shelling Kills Seven in Damascus

Terrorist mortar attacks continued to claim more innocent lives in Damascus on Sunday when number of shells hit various areas across city, killing seven and injuring dozens of others.


A Damascus Polics source said a mortar shell landed near al-Sheikh Raslan Mosque in the Bab Touma neighborhood, klling three people and wounding 15 others, including children.


Another 17 civilians were injured when a mortar shell hit the passenger bus they were travelling in at the Sheikh Raslan area.


Another person was killed when a mortar shell that fell near the al-Farouq school in Bab Sharqi, also injuring two others. Material damage was also reported when a shell that hit a house behind Bab al-Salam.


The police source added that two other people were killed and six injured when six mortar shells landed in Baghdad Street.


Five other citizens, including a female school teacher, were wounded by two mortar shells that targeted the Lubaneh al-Hilaliyeh school and the area between the French Hospital and Tahrir Square in al-Qasaa.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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