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More than 30% of Medical Staff Fled Syria Since 2011: Official

Syria is witnessing an unprecedented shortage in medical staff because of the crisis, according to Iqtissad.
More than 30% of Medical Staff Fled Syria Since 2011: Official

The Assistant Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Affairs said that more than 30 percent of the medical staff has emigrated outside the war-torn country over the past 11 years.

 Dr. Fadia Deeb revealed that the unprecedented shortage in the medical staff is because many of them left the country either at the beginning of the civil war or because of the current economic conditions that the country is going through, which made medical work very difficult and costly.

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Deeb indicated during an interview with the radio “Sham FM” that other new graduates leave now to continue their specialization studies abroad. Some medical specialists have become rare, including oncologists, physical therapists, radiologists, and anesthesia specialists.

He revealed a study and a new view that the Ministry of Higher Education is working on to preserve doctors and limit immigration.

The study includes a project for a thousand new opportunities to study human medicine at lower rates in the baccalaureate certificate, provided that it is committed in public hospitals, and the opening of direct registration for some qualitative specializations without competition, in addition to the need to find a new legal text that guarantees the flexibility of the doctor’s work during his contract with government agencies.


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