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Ministry Demands Hospitals in Syria be Fully Prepared for COVID19 Emergency

While the ministry of Health in Syria is calling on hospitals to brace for any COVID19 emergency according to Al-Watan, Al-Souria Net reports a surge in cases in Idleb.
Ministry Demands Hospitals be Fully Prepared for COVID19 Emergency
Ministry Demands Hospitals in Syria be Fully Prepared for COVID19 Emergency

The Ministry of Health in Syria issued a circular to its directorates and public hospitals in which it stressed the need for committed health staff concerning the COVID19 outbreak. The circular insisted on an increase in the number of hospital beds in the isolation department to sustain COVID19 patients. If necessary, plan B would be executed. This plan is due to the requirements of the current phase and is necessary to alert hospitals to be fully prepared and meet the emergency health needs of citizens.

The ministry pointed out in its circular the importance of securing the requirements of the isolation departments and taking care of all its necessities –especially oxygen, protective supplies, and medicines. It is also crucial to train health staff to deal with patients in the isolation department and the ICU. Finally, the circular stressed the importance of a plan calling the health staff to work in emergency situations and to operate hospitals with maximum efficiency.

The ministry stressed the need to review the oxygen supply plan. This revision will ensure the continuation of the required maximum work as well as securing alternative and reserve sources and carrying out the necessary maintenance and intensifying the shifts in the laboratory department– in particular, responders to patients in isolation departments and ICU.

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The ministry called for the need to work on the deployment of ambulances with the required health staff within the governorate. This deployment will ensure that the required response is achieved in emergency situations and upon calling the emergency hotline, 110.

The ministry stressed that no ambulance was prevented from entering any hospital on the grounds that there were no beds. However, the patient would be admitted to the hospital and his condition would be assessed; he would receive all necessary tests, diagnostics, and emergency treatment. After this procedure, the patient will be dealt with accordingly.

Northern Syria

In other news, according to Al-Souria Net, in Northern Syria, the number of cases of the new COVID19 continues to rise daily. This surge comes amid warnings by medical and humanitarian agencies regarding the outbreak of the pandemic in the region.

On Saturday, the Idleb Health Directorate recorded 248 new cases, including 132 in Idleb. These developments increase the total number of cases to 29,769.

Nazih al-Ghawi, head of epidemiological disease monitoring in Afrin, said that there has been an increase in the number of infections there. More than 40 cases are recorded daily.

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