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Military Source: Once Again, Israel Shells Iranian Weapon Shipments in Syria’s Damascus

Israel targets Iranian aircraft carrying weapons south of Damascus, reports North Press.
Military Source: Once Again, Israel Shells Iranian Weapon Shipments in Syria’s Damascus

On Wednesday, a military source revealed that Israeli shelling targeted an Iranian aircraft carrying weapons south of the Syrian capital Damascus.

On Tuesday, the Syrian state news agency SANA cited that positions south of Damascus were targeted the night before and that “our air defenses intercepted the attack, which was launched from Golan. There were no casualties.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights indicated that two weapons depots of the Iranian-backed militias were targeted inside military sites of government forces a few kilometers from Damascus airport.

“In the recent days, there were four big flights that arrived in Damascus airport from Iran,” the source added.

“When the shipment was unloaded from the planes, Israel could not abide the matter, so it was quick to target it,” the source referred.

The source pointed out that the aim of the Israeli shelling is “to not allow any change in power between Israel and Hezbollah.”

The shipment included advanced weapons, missiles, devices to make the missiles more accurate and direct them to any target in the event of a sudden attack between both sides, according to the source.

 The source indicated that the Israeli shelling was by missiles launched from Golan.

This tactic was chosen for two reasons, “first, the Israeli keenness to change the tactics of occasional bombing in what it called camouflaging and deceiving the enemy,” he pointed out. “Second, the coordinates of the targeted sites allow them to be targeted and destroyed remotely,” he added. 

“The Israeli bombing during this period is to prevent Hezbollah from having any advanced weapons which it can use in any possible battle with Israel,” he reported.


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