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Mikdad Slams U.N. for Ignoring Terrorism

Mikdad says the U.N. can't be trusted to uphold international law
Mikdad Slams U.N. for Ignoring Terrorism

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mikdad said the world needs to reshape the United Nations in order for the organization to be trusted with keeping international law.


In an interview with the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper published on Saturday Mikdad lambasted the U.N. for ignoring of the existence of terrorism and turning that into an established official policy of its own.


He said that the U.N. lobbies are "unspeakably disgraceful" with regard to the standards of the international law and the conventions governing the international organization itself.


"The most shameful of those positions, which one cannot overlook, is that the U.N. General Secretariat and the U.N. envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, among other U.N. bodies, have agreed since the first years of the crisis in Syria to deliberately overlook of the existence of terrorism in the country," Mikdad said.


He said this intentional disregard continues despite the presence of thousands of pages recounting document-backed stories of the terrorist crimes committed in Syria, with the supporting documents often coming from neutral sources that directly or indirectly work for or in cooperation with the U.N.


He lashed out at the U.N. and its officials for not even taking the pains to read the reports on the crimes of killing, plunder, looting, rape and destruction of religious symbols committed in Kassab as well as in any other Syrian towns and cities.


The Deputy Foreign Minister slammed the U.N.’s contradictory experience with each of Syria and Israel, as while it tends to “berate” Syria despite the fact that Syria has always called for implementing international resolutions, Israel, which has always trampled on those resolutions, enjoys pampering by the U.N.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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