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Mekdad: Syria Appreciates Russia’s Support in War Against Terrorism

During a visit to Moscow, Faisal al-Mekdad highlighted the importance of Syrian-Russian relations, according to SANA.
Mekdad: Syria Appreciates Russia’s Support in War Against Terrorism

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mekdad said that the Syrian-Russian relations are strategic and implement the two peoples’ desire to establish the best relations.
In a joint press conference on Tuesday in Moscow, Mekdad added that “we appreciate Russia’s support for Syria in its war against Western Countries-backed terrorism.”
Mekdad added that the U.S. is the one which supported terrorism in Syria, destroyed its infrastructure and economy, continues to plunder its resources and impose coercive economic measures in flagrant violation of the UN charter.
Mekdad stressed that the Washington-backed separatist militias should perceive that they should stand by their country and the Syrian Arab Army in defending the unity of Syria.
In response to SANA reporter’s question, Mekdad said that “our trust in the Russian and Iranian friends is full,” asserting that the two countries have played a wise and keen role in ending the interventions of powers which had to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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He stressed that the statement of the Tehran Summit meets Syria’s aspirations to a large extent.
Mekdad warned that the Turkish regime should withdraw its forces from the lands that it occupied in Syria and stop its support to terrorist organizations and its interference in Syria’s internal affairs.
Mekdad said that the assassination of Russian journalist Darya Dugina is a “criminal act,” asserting that the perpetrators should be held accountable.
For his part, the Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia rejects any foreign interferences in Syria’s affairs and stressed the necessity of finding a political solution to the crisis in it.
Lavrov stressed the need for the international community support the return of Syrian refugees far from any politicization.
Lavrov added that Russia condemns Israel’s shelling of Syrian territory, expressing his country’s concern over the Israeli continued targeting of establishments in Syria, citing the attack targeted Damascus International Airport.
We are satisfied with the return of relations between Syria and several Arab states, Lavrov said, expressing thanks to Syria for its support for the Russian special operation in Ukraine.
“Syria’s recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic is based on historical principles and facts, as there will be an exchange of diplomatic missions with the two republics in the upcoming days,” Mekdad said.

The official news agency dropped a sentence that Mekdad said at the conference and was highlighted by news agencies.
Mekdad responded indirectly to recent Turkish indications of a rapprochement with the Assad government but called on Turkey to withdraw its forces first.
Mekdad said, ”Turkish occupation must end in Syrian territory so that relations return to the state they were in before the start of the war.”


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