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Meeting of Union of Syrian Democrats Ends

The Union of Syrian Democrats has concluded three days of meetings of its Executive Office, its General Secretariat and its Regulatory Commission
Meeting of Union of Syrian Democrats Ends

The member in the Executive Office of the Union, Abdulaziz at-Tammo, said in an exclusive statement to All4Syria that the sessions were characterized by transparency.


"We reviewed the last six months and we discussed why the decisions were taken by specific persons and why the General Secretariat and Regulatory Commission had a limited role. We considered that the feedbacks were positive and we agreed on the activation and participation of the General Secretariat in the work of all offices," Tammo said.


The member in the Regulatory Commission, Brigadier General Ali Allawi, said that the meetings "corrected the path of the Union and brought it back to its normal track to achieve the goals set out for it. As the deficiencies have been diagnosed and points of power have been identified, we agreed to amend the internal rules and reform them to become clearer and more flexible in order to respond to the current stage."


The member in the General Secretariat, Niroz Mohammed, said that "since the first day I felt that the sessions are more like trials and I hoped that we will talk about correcting the path of the Union and its vision of the future."


The member in the General Secretariat of the Union, Zaradesht Mustafa, also stressed that the meeting went well and everyone defended his idea, saying "we agreed on a draft of policy that will serve all the components of Syria."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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