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Manna: Elections Cannot be Held While Half of Syrians Have no Humanitarian Cover

Manna was giving a lecture in Paris last week
Manna: Elections Cannot be Held While Half of Syrians Have no Humanitarian Cover

The Syrian opposition figure and human rights advocate Haitham Manna has condemned all the "one-sided" legal, legislative and executive procedures" in this difficult stage of Syrian history.


Manna was speaking at a lecture managed by Le Monde Diplomatique editor-in-chief Alain Gresh in Paris last week.


"As we refused the legislative elections, we refuse these de facto elections, especially that half of the Syrian people are out of humanitarian coverage; how could they participate or hear about the presidential elections?", Manna said in the lecture.


"The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change refuses the idea of forming an interim government by any party, either the Coalition or any other party, just as it refuses the idea of the referendum on a constitution submitted partially by Qadri Jamil, a constitution that distorted the citizenship rights and priorities. Compare the current constitution to the one in Tunisia, for example," Manna said.


"Imagine that a person like Moaz al-Khatib has no right, constitutionally, to nominate himself for the presidency," Manna added.


When asked whether he would like to nominate himself, Manna replied: "I cannot talk about any nomination from the Coordination Commission."


Manna stressed that as long as the Syrian institutions are controlled by the security forces, and before any historical compromise that transforms the state from a security into a democratic one, "we cannot talk about any elections or democratic and legal practices."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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