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Maarouf: Syrian Rebels Front to Receive Training in Turkey

Rebel Front commander confirms group's factions will undertake training in Turkey, denying exercises have already commenced
Maarouf: Syrian Rebels Front to Receive Training in Turkey

Commander of the Syrian Rebels Front (SRF), Jamal Maarouf, revealed the group will participate in upcoming military exercises in Turkey, stressing that SRF fighters are still on the frontlines inside Syria.

"We still recognize the Free Syrian Army as our military reference, and the Coalition as our political reference, although we do not receive the required support", Maarouf said.

Maarouf pointed out that all the Front's factions will participate in the upcoming military exercises in Turkey, denying claims that these exercises have already started.

Maarouf also denied all reports on his retirement or his permanent residency in Turkey since Nusra seized the Front’s main stronghold in the countryside of Idleb. The commander stressed that he still leads the battles and that he will never give up fighting the Syrian regime.

Syrian Rebels Front fighters are currently distributed in the south and the north, fighting on the southern front under the banner of the First Army, and in the northern front in Idleb, Hama and Aleppo, Maarouf explained. The Front fights in groups and each one consists of 40 or 50 fighters, as the Front is still targeted by Al-Qaeda.

Maarouf criticized UN envoy Staffan de Mistura’s plans to freeze fighting in Aleppo, stating it "is not worthy of reply. How does he suggest freezing the fight in one neighborhood? What about the remaining civilians scattered throughout Syria?".

Maarouf stressed that any plan for a solution must begin with persuading the regime to stop its air raids.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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