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Louay Hussein Back-pedals on Decision to Withdraw From Geneva Negotiations Team

Opposition figure declares his intention to return to High Committee for Negotiations after a dispute led to his withdrawal a month ago
Louay Hussein Back-pedals on Decision to Withdraw From Geneva Negotiations Team

Louay Hussein, head of the Building the Syrian State movement, announced he is withdrawing the conditions for his return to the opposition High Committee for Negotiations after pulling out a month ago, stating his desire to return and adopt all of the committee’s previous resolutions and communications.

Hussein wrote on his personal Facebook account: “I announced my withdrawal from the High Committee for Negotiations on Facebook in an attempt to pressure the committee to resolve some of its disputes, but today the committee is in a position which needs full backing and support. For that reason, I announce I am withdrawing the previously-stated conditions for my return, and relinquishing my previous decision.”

“Today, like any member of the committee, I bear responsibility for whatever decision it takes, and also adopt all its previous resolutions and communications. I have informed them of this and gave them my vote,” he added.

Hussein closed by saying: “My colleagues of the High Committee for Negotiations, I hope for levelheadedness, and that you may know that your mistakes today can be corrected tomorrow. But the blood of Syrians is now in your hands, so preserve it.”

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