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Leaders Release Coalition Reform Initiative

Burhan Ghalioun, Moaz al-Khatib and Riad Hijab want to reform the National Coalition
Leaders Release Coalition Reform Initiative

The former president of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghalioun, of the National Coalition, Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib, along with the former candidate for the presidency of the Coalition, Riad Hijab, have presented an important initiative to the National Coalition. Below is the text of the initiative:


Brothers in the Syrian National Coalition:


In the face of the existential threat imposed on our country, and in light of the next stage of international consultations and initiatives, not only related to the fate of the Syrian revolution, but to the fate of the state and the people, in addition to the unacceptable current situation of the Syrian National Coalition, we convey to you our concern and some ideas and notes aimed at stimulating dialogue between you on the best ways to develop the work of the Coalition:


1. Differences should end and the first goal should become the loyalty to the main cause. We must work as a team with any elected leadership, and focus on work and achievements.


2. The optimal solution to develop the performance of the Coalition or any other national political framework that unifies the opposition should be based on three points. First, the abolition of blocs within the Coalition, through the prohibition and rejection of any logic of quotas based on personal affiliations. The members of the Coalition should be committed to their individual vote, each according to his conscience and political appreciation for the candidates and their ability to carry out their responsibilities. This means that we should all search for the most efficient figures that can accomplish the required tasks. Second, new members should be invited to the Coalition, which has turned into a closed club. The Coalition should replace one-third of its members in each election term. This would allow the Coalition to deepen its interaction with the activists in all fields, taking advantage of the former cadres in civilian bodies. Third, the meetings of the new General Commission of the Coalition should give the priority to the development of the work mechanisms of the Coalition and changing its internal regulations that paralyzed its movement.


3. In its current great ordeal, Syria needs an effective tool for national movement more than anything else. Any Syrian political framework will not be effective unless it is inclusive, open-minded and able to accommodate everyone and activate their ability to think, organize and execute. We believe that it is the duty of the Coalition to assume its responsibilities and to unify the opposition and organize a forum for dialogue between its active parties in order to reach a renewed vision for the road map and the national program of action for the next phase.


The steadfast and patient people inside Syria, in prisons, camps, countries of refuge and fronts are waiting for us to take bold steps in a collective action to stop the bloodshed, bring salvation and save our country mired in blood, and the duty of everyone today is to cooperate to achieve what relieves their suffering and saves the lives of their sons.


Signed by Burhan Ghalioun, Moaz al-Khatib, Riad Hijab


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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