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‘Last Exit From Al-Waer’: Documentary Shows Bitterness of Blockade and Displacement

Documentary filmmaker Jaber Bakr focuses his lens on the plight of Homs' besieged neighborhood through the eyes of activist Basil al-Muhaimed
‘Last Exit From Al-Waer’: Documentary Shows Bitterness of Blockade and Displacement

In his latest film, the Syrian journalist Jaber Bakr documents Al-Waer and the bitterness of the siege and displacement, showing the final scenes of departure from the neighborhood after more than five years of heavy blockade.

Working clandestinely due to the security conditions at the time, Bakr began documentary filmmaking while working as a journalist and human rights activist in 2004 following his release from Sednaya prison.

Having filmed the beginning of the revolution, Bakr arrived in France where he resumed his activity in documenting human rights violations by recording interviews with victims of rape and violations that took place inside regime prisons.

His new film, "The Last Exit from Al-Waer," is his first feature-length film featuring activist Basil al-Muhaimed.

In comments to Zaman al-Wasl, Bakr explained the film follows photographer Muhaimed to the besieged neighborhood where he was born and grew up. After staying in Al-Waer for a week and a half, Muhaimed left with the last convoy of forcibly displaced after completing the filming and conducting interviews with locals.

Despite being a wanted man, Muhaimed had to pass through many regime-controlled areas to reach Al-Waer, where he filmed the material over a period of 10 days and filmed the road to displacement back and forth. Other archival footage used in the film came from Muhaimed’s brother.

The film also shows details of the consultations that took place between the negotiating committee in Al-Waer with regime representative Deeb Zeitoun, which lasted for a year and a half until the intervention of the Russians.

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