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Labwani Defends Appearance in Israeli Media

Labwani says he relies on finding common interests to end conflict
Labwani Defends Appearance in Israeli Media

Syrian dissident Kamal Labwani has commented on his appearance in Israeli media saying that the homeless and besieged Syrian people who are exposed to all kinds of crimes "deserve all our efforts and in all directions to find them a way out."


Labwani told Elaf the reasons for this interview with the Walah Israeli site in the current circumstances, saying that the peace options was a possibility.


"Was the initiative adopted by the Arab states and the international resolutions treason? Is what Yasser Arafat and King Hussein and Anwar Sadat didtreason?" Labwani asked.


"There are some difficult equations and crucial files we must discuss instead of preoccupation with the positions of media and enjoying accommodation in hotels while our people are being slaughtered," he added, referring tot he opposition in exile. 


Labwani added that "peace is an inevitable option imposed on us and we have to accept it before it divide Syria and before we get lost between the conflicting states."


'This is the best way I found to victory and freedom, democracy and coexistence if the other party reacted positively, and this needs an effort as well."


Labwani said he believes that "all other methods did not work and will only lead to perpetuating the conflict, division and war."


"If you are against Israel and the Jews," he added, "I  can convince you that peace is a serious existential threat to Zionism, more than war."


When told that Syrian people did not and will not accept that, Labwani responded: "Remember that we politicians have a duty to find solutions and exits for the people, and the decision in the end is their decision. But we have to clarify the possible options for them, and this is what I'll do and this is my duty towards my people."


The Israeli site presented Labwani as "an icon for the Syrian resistance. A man dreams of democracy, freedom and peace, not only within Syria, but also between Syria and its southern neighbor, Israel, touring the world trying to recruit the international support for the struggle of the Syrian people against the regime of Bashar Assad."


Labwani said he considered that the Syrian revolution had created a historic opportunity for peace between the two peoples, the Israelis and the Syrians. Because we have "common enemies and similar interests. This is the time, it may become too late later."


"I rely on common interests," Labwani concluded.


"The Syrian people want to overthrow Assad, but they do not want to replace him with the extremist terrorist organizations. This is also in Israel's interest: To get rid of Assad, an ally of Iran and Hezbollah, but also to prevent the rise of Al-Qaeda."


Translated and edite dby The Syrian Observer


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