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Kurdish National Council Starts Dialogue with Coalition

Kurdish National Council emphasizes cooperation with the Syrian National Coalition
Kurdish National Council Starts Dialogue with Coalition

The committee of national and foreign relations in the Kurdish National Council started a dialogue session with the Syrian National Coalition on Thursday in order to discuss relations between the two parties.


Head of Kurdish Socialist Progressive Party, Abdul Hamid Darwish told Al-Hayat that the committee has held its first meeting in Istanbul and after all members (except Mustapha Sino, who was absent for medical reasons), were gathered,  they elected him as Chairman.


A statement issued from the committee said that the attendees agreed on to make relations with national opposition forces inside and outside Syria, especially the Coalition, a priority.


It also emphasized "building relations with regional and international forces concerned with Syrian crisis, in order to serve the Syrian people's interests, achieve their revolutionary goals and defend the cause of the Kurdish people and their national rights according to the view of Kurdish National Council".


Sources have told al-Hayat that the Kurdish Higher Commission will participate in Geneva II, but with a separate delegation, led by chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim.


The opposition's delegation will be comprised of three main groups, one representing the Coalition and the other representing the National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change (NCC) and the National Democratic Platform.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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