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Kurdish MP Says Government Working to Rehabilitate Prisoners

Pro-Assad Kurdish MP Omar Oussi says parliament is working to rehabilitate Syrian prisoners arrested during the uprising
Kurdish MP Says Government Working to Rehabilitate Prisoners

A parliamentary committee is working to follow-up on cases of those detained and arrested during the uprising in Syria, Kurdish MP and head of the National Reconciliation Committee at the People's Assembly, Omar Oussi said Monday.


Oussi, who was meeting with representatives from Damascus neighborhoods, said the committee was determined to resolve the cases of those involved in the crisis, to rehabilitate them and involve them in the political process.


"The committee is also following up on the government's work to improve the living standards of citizens, through providing basic needs, monitoring prices and correcting policies," he said.


The Damascus representatives said they hoped the meetings would work towards resolving a range of issues and problems and called on a swift settlement on the issue of the arrested persons and in response to demands by the local population.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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