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Karzai Claims the U.S. Seeks Instability to Syria

Zarzai said the Syrian people are the biggest losers in the conflict
Karzai Claims the U.S. Seeks Instability to Syria

Afghan President Hamid Karazai said that the U.S. and western countries do not seek  stability in Syria in particular, nor the region in general.


In response to a SANA question during press conference in New Delhi, Karzai expressed "deep sorrow over the heinous crimes against humanity" in Syria, adding that it is the Syrian people who pay the price of policies adopted by some states which seek "to destroy the civilized Syria."


Karzai said events in Syria are regrettable, confirming that Syria is a "victim" and the Syrian people "the biggest losers."


Karzai expressed resentment at the armed groups' acts which target civilians and infrastructure.


"My message to those groups is: Throw away your weapons and search for a peaceful solution," he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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