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Jordan Bans Displaced People From Daraa Approaching Its Borders

An intensive bombing campaign by regime forces has pushed civilians out of their homes, but their options for safe locations are limited writes Alsouria Net
Jordan Bans Displaced People From Daraa Approaching Its Borders

To escape intense bombardment by the regime and Iranian militias, hundreds of families continue to flee from the northern and eastern Daraa countryside to the surrounding plains and less dangerous areas.

Some of these civilians fled to the border with the Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel.

A few days ago, dozens of families began to flock to the border area to escape intensive bombardments, which is paving the way for a planned military offensive. They were forced to leave under difficult circumstances, carrying only their personal belongings and some food.

Abou Mohammed Akraba, a displaced person from the northern Daraa countryside, said that "more than 70,000 civilians have been displaced from the towns and villages of the northern and eastern Daraa countryside over the past few days."

"They were displaced after their areas were subjected to a bombing campaign, the heaviest in the past year, with warplanes, rocket launchers and heavy artillery being used," he said.

Akraba, the father of three children, said that "large numbers of displaced people went to the border with Jordan and the occupied Golan, to escape the shelling and to seek safety."

He appealed to all humanitarian organizations and local bodies to provide urgent assistance to the displaced, especially those who fled to the border and lack tents or water, describing their situation as "tragic."

"The number of displaced people will increase in the next few hours and days," he said.

Informed sources said that Jordan told opposition factions that have troops near the border with the Kingdom, that any gathering near the border will be treated as a threat to border security, and asked them to inform residents and local councils.

The sources, who requested anonymity, said that the Jordanian authorities had classified the area from the border to a distance of six kilometres as a military zone that no-one is not allowed to approach, including displaced civilians.

The regime forces, using dozens of rockets and explosive barrels, targeted areas in the city of Daraa under the control of opposition factions, causing the displacement of dozens of families to neighboring fields, according to AFP and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The opposition was able to hit a warplane, as announced today by the Central Operations Room for the South today, asserting that its air defense units hit a MiG-23 fighter jet that was carrying out raids on the town of Bosra al-Harir, east of Daraa.

The opposition also announced this morning that it was besieging a group of regime forces and Iranian militias near Bosra al-Harir, and also hit a tank using a TOW missile, which led to the death of its crew.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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